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Take a peek in the pantry

I laughed the other day when a dear friend requested a picture of the inside of my pantry. She was moving into a new home and wanted to see how I organized mine. Granted, mine isn’t anything to be coveted, … Continue reading

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Cake and Ministry

I love to have tea/coffee at my house. I just enjoy entertaining. I know, I’m weird or if you are being nice, old fashioned. Tea/coffee often goes hand in hand with ministry time at our house. I’m not just talking … Continue reading

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Lasagna on the sly…

I found an awesome recipe for Lasagna at Of course I made some modifications, but basically, that’s it. But it does take some work and I wanted a good recipe for a crockpot lasagna for those days we are … Continue reading

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Taming the Laundry Beast

Yes, I used to be one of those people that had mounds of clean laundry on the sofa to fold. Which we just ended up picking through and finding the least wrinkled thing to wear. Well, I’ve tamed the beast. … Continue reading

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BBQ tonight…

In keeping with our diet, we are having BBQ tonight. I’m sorta cheating a bit since our homemade BBQ sauce has brown sugar in it. I probably could have substituted honey, but I was on automatic pilot and just dumped … Continue reading

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Hot French Bread

I just started our family favorite French Bread. It’s a great recipe from my favorite cookbook “Talk About Good”. If you don’t have this cookbook, get it. On p. 32 is “Pain Ordinaire” or French Bread. It makes three loaves … Continue reading

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What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Tonight it is grilled steak & artichoke. A little splurge. I just came back from HEB grocery store and had $40 to spend. I came out with three little bags. It is disgusting. I didn’t even buy anything big. I … Continue reading

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