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Chicken Soup for the Soul (no, this is actually the food)

This weekend my husband and I were hit hard with some angry, mutated strain of the flu out for revenge on the human race. When I finally became upright and my stomach was under me, all I wanted was chicken … Continue reading

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Cooking when its Steamy Outside

When it hits the triple digits in Houston, I avoid turning on my oven. My crockpot comes to the rescue again. Here is another crockpot recipe. Chicken Cacciatore 2 1/2 to 3 pounds chicken pieces (you can also used leftover … Continue reading

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My life on hormones

I suffered a very traumatic event two years ago. I lost a baby after carrying him for 4 months. Losing him was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. I only made it out because God carried me through … Continue reading

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Cooking outdoors – easy and efficient

I must admit until several years ago I didn’t know how to grill (or as we say in the South “barbecue”). We had an old charcoal pit that my father-in-law lovingly welded for us many years ago from old pipe … Continue reading

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A new Kitchen Helper – VersaWare Crock-pot

If you know me, you know I make use of my crockpot. It’s like having a little servant in your kitchen. However, my current servant was beginning to show her age. The chipped lid never did fit quite right on … Continue reading

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Saving Money Using Coupons and other Smart Strategies

A question I get often is “How do you save using coupons?”. There are many great websites out there that explain it, so I’ll point you to them. – FREE website with a tutorial on how to use coupons. … Continue reading

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The cure for water rot smell on towels

I’m a sucker for a huge, thick towel. I always buy the most luxurious towels I can find for our bathrooms. I actually look at it as an investment because the towels last years longer than cheap ones. I love … Continue reading

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