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On Immigration

In his Third State of the Union Address, President Lincoln described immigrants as a ” source of national wealth and strength.” Immigration is a topic that is close to my heart. I am the daughter of a Dutch immigrant. My … Continue reading

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Spring Beauties blooming in our front garden

Our front flower gardens are planted and ready for the season. We stick with one color family for unity. Purple and blue are cool colors and tend to recede into the background making our gardens seem further from the street … Continue reading

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My continuing efforts to gather my 3 month supply

As I type this, my expanded garden has been planted. My husband placed some large sticks around the garden to help keep the soil from eroding. It looked so much like an old pioneer garden that it was thus dubbed. … Continue reading

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More confirmation about preparing for the economic storm ahead

Just yesterday I posted about storing up a 3-month supply for your family and to be able to serve others during our tough economic times. I got goose bumps reading this message forwarded from someone in our homeschool group. In … Continue reading

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Easter Decorating

I love Easter! It is my favorite holiday. My Savior rose that day and made it possible to have my sins forgiven and be with Him always. It is also the start of Spring. The promise of a new beginnings. … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Economic Storm Ahead

In the tough storm of economic times the advice I hear most often is “save your money”. I am starting to question this wisdom. Thinking ahead to what the future might hold, goods may what will be in short supply. … Continue reading

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