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Show and Tell Friday – Valentine Tablescape

I put together a little tablescape including the embellished postcards and flower heart wreath I made (instructions a few entries below) I added rose petals from some roses I picked up at the dollar store. My table is all set … Continue reading

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Yummy Bread Bowls

There is something so ancient about serving soup in a bread bowl. It hearkens back to the days of eating with your hands and wild boar meat. Here is a great recipe I found on which I embellished a … Continue reading

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Valentine Decorations

Valentine’s Day is special at our house because it is also my dear husband’s birthday. I really wanted some pretty Valentine decorations but was disappointed by the gaudy decorations in the stores. I like the pretty heart-shaped rose covered wreaths, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Author of All Time

This weekend Greg was gifted with a beautiful bookshelf from our friends. My husband is a book hound and books were starting to stack up all over the floor. His beautiful office was getting cluttered and messy. We started arranging … Continue reading

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The miracle of the wedding band

Today I had to have my wedding ring cut off of my hand. I’ve been married for 20 years and have only removed it once for a repair. That was 14+ years ago and it hasn’t left my hand since. … Continue reading

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January – National Homeschool Burnout Month

Welcome to January or, as it is known in homeschool circles, “National Homeschool Burnout Month”. It’s that time of year when you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling. It is common for first timer and old timers to feel frustrated … Continue reading

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Dear Editor: Is there Cappuccino in heaven?

Yes, Virgina, there is cappuccino in heaven. I’m sure it will taste even better than what we get here on earth, but it will taste pretty close to the cappuccino’s made with Community Espresso Roast. If you know me well, … Continue reading

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